Mike Bobo provides health update, reflects on support from Joe Parker

It was a difficult season for Colorado State football. The Rams went 3-9 and off the field, things were not any easier, as head coach Mike Bobo battled health issues.

Following the disappointing year, many wondered whether Bobo would return for a fifth season in 2019. CSU’s Athletic Director Joe Parker quickly erased those doubts when he publicly defended Bobo in November and confirmed that the Georgia native would be returning for another season.

In an open letter to the public, Parker praised Bobo’s character and commitment to building a program the right way.

“Winning is important, it is our expectation and we will do it in the right way, with integrity,” Parker said.

On Wednesday, Bobo told reporters that he is feeling better both physically and mentally, joking that now he only looks 60 year old and not 80. Bobo still has some numbness on the bottom of his feet, but after not being able to run out of the tunnel with his team during the 2017 season, the 44-year old head coach has his sights set on being able to do so in 2018.

“It’s going to take time,” Bobo said. “The feeling has come back in a lot of areas, but some of it is just slow. But, I feel good. I feel like my old self.”

Bobo also explained how much it meant to him that Parker has continually had his back over the years, especially during the tough times. On multiple occasions, Bobo has said that he loves Colorado State because he gets to work with Tony Frank (President & Chancellor) and Parker, and this previous season only reaffirmed those relationships.

Bobo said the 2018 season was difficult for anyone involved with CSU, whether they are a diehard fan or not, as losing is never fun for anyone. Similarly to how players need to know that their coaches believe in them though, it is important for coaches to know that their bosses are behind them as well.

“To have Joe (Parker) come out and say that he believes in me—that makes me want to grind that much harder, like we did on the recruiting trail,” Bobo said.

“I can’t wait until our players get back in January. I want us to be successful for Joe Parker and everyone that supports Colorado State, just as much as I want to be successful for our players. It’s not just this team, it’s everyone that’s invested. And I can promise you, that we’re working our tail off out there right now.”