Georgia boosters drive across country to visit Mike Bobo, deliver handmade walking cane

Colorado State head football coach Mike Bobo had a special surprise at the team’s football facility Wednesday. A pair of Georgia boosters drove over 30 hours to Fort Collins to deliver a hand-crafted walking cane to the former Bulldogs offensive coordinator and to tell him that they are praying for his health.

Bobo explained that he was sitting in the team office when he was told that he had a pair of visitors waiting for him outside. The fourth-year head Colorado State head coach did not originally recognize their names, but immediately knew who they were when he saw their faces.

According to Bobo the avid Georgia fans did not have a trip to Colorado planned. They simply decided to make the trip across the country because they wanted a chance to wish him well and deliver the walking cane.

"This might be my good luck cane, right here," Bobo said.